Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice Storm, 2009

Although these photos don't do it justice, it really is rather pretty outside today, especially if you do not have to go out. We had snow last night that changed into freezing rain. Everything is coated with about 1/2" of ice. I am counting our blessings that we took down those trees last year, or I am sure we would be sorry now. We had 2 huge pine trees in front (which we loved for the shade) that were dropping large branches with the cold & snow. The last thing we wanted was to have them fall on our or our neighbor's house/property, so it was time for them to go.

Of course, this weather also means that school is closed today. After 12 days off over the Christmas/New Year holidays, it was nice to get back into my crafting routine; although I did spend most of yesterday taking down the Christmas decorations.
All that is left is the tree which my daughter will help me with today.

Thank you Mother Nature for this beautiful day!

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jewelstreet said...

That is pretty even though I'm sure it's a little dangerous! Hope your daughter enjoyed her day off from school.