Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Survived....

...Day 2 of giving our 16-year-old daughter driving lessons! Actually, it is more to just get her used to what driving feels like--in a couple of weeks she will be taking Drivers Ed in an after school program run by a private auto driving school. Of course, since she doesn't have her learner's permit yet, she hasn't been out on the street. Oddly enough, she doesn't need a permit to drive on the road with a driving school, but can't drive on the road with a parent. Go figure!

It was nice to be out enjoying the late day sunshine, especially since we are supposed to get 4"-7" of snow tonight into tomorrow. I always feel a sense of "panic" when they make these predictions--as if I don't have enough food in the house or won't be able to get out for days. Fortunately, I soon come to my senses.

I've managed to list almost every day lately, & I think it has helped my shop. Here is my latest ACEO created for the creative challenge-Be inspired by a favorite children's book. Can you guess which one I chose?

I have another beaded flower project that is almost finished and I can't wait to show off, so stay tuned.

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jewelstreet said...

Ugh, driving lessons! I'm a little afraid of this. My daughter knows how to drive thanks to various contraptions like her go kart. The part I worry about is the speed. She's a natural born racer. Hope I can break her of that.

I'm almost done my challenge item! Yay!