Monday, January 5, 2009

Creative Inspiration

Since I missed putting up my Sunday Wisdom post this week, I decided I would offer some creative inspiration for a Monday. I don't, in general, make "New Years Resolutions", but I am aspiring to blog more regularly!

So what about creative inspiration--where does it come from? I believe it is all around us & I know I generally look right past it! Take a minute, right now, wherever you are to look around you. How many textures, colors, objects do you see that could inspire you in your work?

From where I am sitting I see the rich texture of the drapes right next to me and further the sky & tree that I can see out that window. To my left is an antique leather top table that I use as a desk--it has beautiful scrollwork encircling it.

Ok, I'm not going to continue describing my inspiration; but my point is, look around you. Be inspired by the shapes, colors and textures around you. Tell me what you see!

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