Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of The Year Musings

This time of year, I always experience a little let down. The craft shows are over and I am faced with putting everything that did not sell away. I always begin to doubt that what I am creating is the right thing.

This year, it was worse than ever. I did one new craft show (established but new to me, that is)which was about what I expected. My two next shows that I had been doing for several years were only slightly down from last year, but my last show which has always been my best, was horrible. I only made about 1/4 of what I usually make! Call it a sign of the times, blame it on the ecomomy, the weather?

I saw a definite trend that what sold was very inexpensive items and jewelry. People seemed reluctant to spend money on decorations but would spend it on something they would use. I was not the only vendor who had a decrease in sales--this is not a whining fest!

I have been noticing the same thing on Etsy--a drop in sales. My shop had four sales in September, two in October, one in November and zero in December--Despite daily sales throughtout all of December, blogging, posting in the forums, etc.

Basically because of this, and because I had my first sale there (even though it was on surplus supplies), I have begun listing more items on Ecrater. I've moved my beaded art dolls there, because although they sold really well when I first started making them, I haven't sold one in some time now. I am also planning to be more aggressive with my own website which basically directs back to Etsy or Ecrater. I'm not planning to abandon Etsy (at least not yet)but I do think my shop needs to go in a new, fresh direction. As soon as I know the way....I'll let you know here!

In the meantime, take a look at my other sites--any feedback will be appreciated.


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