Monday, November 10, 2008

Last stop....Arhus, Denmark!

Our last stop brought us to the second largest city in Denmark, Arhus. It is primarily a college town with over 30,000 students attending the University there. Plus another 8,000 or so students who attend the Agricultural School.

We took a tour to see the highlights such as Marselisborg Palace, a summer residence of the Royal Danish Family.

You can see the main means of transportation here--and in fact all over Denmark. I suspect the people there are very healthy!

We spent some time at a 15th/16th century open air museum which was similar to our Colonial Williamsburg. Lots of buildings set up true to the period-bakers, blacksmith, homes, etc.

It is hard to see in the photo, but the Arhus Theatre had an advertisement for a Beach Boys Concert!

Our last stop was to Arhus Cathedral (Domkirke) which was a large, Gothic cathedral. It is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, St. Clemens. It was really beautiful with huge paintings and a gorgeous Altar.

Well, this was our last stop on our cruise. I hope you have enjoyed reliving the journey with me!


jewelstreet said...

I have enjoyed it, and you have seen some amazing things! Thanks for sharing.

Miguel Ángel said...
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Miguel Ángel said...

Hello! I'm collecting flags. Visits my blogs please. THANK YOU