Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not a Halloween Story!

If you think you heard the last of our bat stories, well read on.
No, I didn't save this as a Halloween story--I've just sufficiently recovered (mentally)enough to tell it.

You will remember from my last story, we thought we had found where they got in; well, we were WRONG! Let me set the stage for you:

It is one week later than the last encounter-now Labor Day Weekend.

It is 2:30 a.m. and we are in that hazy part of the sleep cycle--not quite asleep, yet not totally awake.

My husband & I both hear something flutter and a metallic sound at the window with the air conditioner on his side of the room.

Husband: Did you hear that?

Me: Yes! Is it in the room?

Husband: I'm not sure, but I think so!

Me: Ok, I'll get the light.

I sit up & wait a moment before I actually get up. Two seconds later when my husband starts to sit up, yes you guessed it, at the exact same moment the bat swoops & flies across the room right into his chest! It's a humid night & he has no shirt on--so we definitely know it hit him. But wait, it gets better.

So by now our daughter has woken up...barricades herself in her room & stuffs something under her door--smart girl--you'll see why.

Husband & I shut our door to keep it inside & go down to the garage to get some clothes & nets, and just regroup. What seems like maybe 5 minutes later, we think we're ready.

I go up & decide I should make a pit stop first and "wisely" think I will use the bathroom off the kitchen rather than off our bedroom. As I walk in semi-darkness towards the bathroom I see what I think is another one on the floor! Before I can get to the door to close it in, I see it unfold its wings and come flying towards me. Ok, I ran, I screamed, flapping my arms around & apparently, I cursed a bit, too. My daughter later said, "nice sailor mouth, Mom"! This one finally lit on the fireplace wall, we got it in the net and let it outside.

Back upstairs to our bedroom to deal with that one. We go in and pull the place apart & it is an hour before we come to the realization that it got out under our door & and was the same one that was flying around the living room. The same one that we let out the living room door.

End of story part 1: we all slept with lights on that night & for the next several nights before we felt comfortable. Oh, and those air conditioners came out a few days later.

End of story part 2: Because the bat made contact with my husband & we had inadvertently let it go...he had to get the rabies vaccine series. The first one was a mega dose given in the chest in the ER, followed by four more in our doctor's office spaced over a very specific time frame. The last one will actually be Mon. Oct. 28. The shots are not bad (given in the arm), side effects minimal and a whole lot better than the outcome should you get symptoms which can take years to occur. He decided he just couldn't live with that.

I swear this is the last bat story, at least for this year as they have all gone hibernating, and hopefully forever.

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