Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Murder on the Moika River!

That catchy name was the title of the second tour we took in St. Petersburg, Russia. Having just studied the Romanov Dynasty in school, our daughter was absolutely insistent that we take this tour. More history later!

We started out with a tour through the various canals on the Moika River, culminating with a panoramic view of the main canal complete with fountains!

Not much room to go under the bridges!

Yusupov Palace, shown above, was the highlight of this tour. It was in this palace that Rasputin was murdered by Prince Yusupov and some sympathizers who felt he had become too influencial with Tsar Nicholas. You might remember from your history lessons that the Tsar's son had hemophilia and only Rasputin was able to soothe him when he had an acute episode.

We were ushered through a series of rooms where we only had a moment or two to look while we were told the story. In the "basement" was a display of wax figures depicting the fateful evening. Again, large fees were charged to be able to take photographs, and we chose to rely on our memories.

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jewelstreet said...

Oh, how awesome you got to see that! What a piece of history!

I remember learning about the Romanov's. In fact, I have a couple of books on them.