Friday, October 31, 2008

I've been away from the blogisphere much of this week with great reason. It reads like a Mastercard commercial:

Train tickets to New York City: $50+

Burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe: $41

Tickets to "The Last Shadow Puppets" concert in the Grand Ballroom: $130

Seeing the look on your 16 year old daughter's face as she sings & dances at the concert of her very favorite singer, Alex Turner...PRICELESS!

We gave this outing to our daughter for a sixteenth birthday present. She loves the Hard Rock Cafe, and although she has been to about six--including one in Oslo, Norway, she pointed out that she had never been to the one in New York. She, of course, picked out a pin to add to her collection.

Our daughter likes alternative rock British bands, most noteably, The Arctic Monkeys. I'd like to think she has my filtered Beatles genes causing this in her! Anyway, Alex Turner, who is the lead singer, paired with Miles ? and call themselves The Last Shadow Puppets. They both belong to their own bands & this is a hiatus tour for them.
To say she was thrilled is an understatement!

One whimisical note: On the line going into the venue, security was wanding, searching, & literally frisking people before they went in. With our daughter in front of me & my husband behind, we proceeded through the line. The guard looks at my daughter & lets her through...takes one look at me & says, "You're ok, go ahead!" Boy did I feel old!

Have a Happy Halloween and a great weekend everyone! I promise to be back with more vacation posts then!

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Caylon said...

Hello!!~~First to drop by!
You guys,must be a warm family!!
Enjoy life so much!
You've been quite a lot places!
That's cooooooool!!