Friday, October 17, 2008

Helsinki, Finland

We arrived the next day in Helsinki, and I guess I live in a dream world....I expected a "fishing village" type of atmosphere, but the city looked like any other major city--lots of buildings, restaurants, etc. I certainly do not mean any disrespect, but I was thinking "quaint". If you look hard, you will even see the "yellow arches" on the right side of the photo!

Because we arrived on a Sunday, mostly everything was closed until afternoon. We explored the city walking on our own, having taken a bus from the pier into the downtown area.

We came across this unique church, aptly named, The Rock Church. Built out of a solid block of granite most of it is located below ground. The first photo shows it from the outside, and one would never guess the beauty within. Inside is circular & the walls are rock. The roof is a copper disc. Because the accoustics are excellent, they often hold classical concerts here; however, it is an active Christian Church. Shortly after we arrived, the Church was closing for a Baptism.

Next stop, Stockholm, Sweden.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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