Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Next port of call....Invergordon, Scotland....Home of....

NESSIE! That's right we went to Loch Ness! On the 45 minute drive from the pier to Invergordon, a quaint little town, we were treated to many sights. We say harbor seals basking in the sun along the coast. Beautiful rolling hills reminded us that we were in the Scottish Highlands and we were thrilled to see some Highland Cattle with their long coats & some recently sheared Highland Sheep.

Our first stop was at the Loch Ness Visitor's Centre. There was a 20 minute presentation where you walked through many different rooms that resembled caves. In each with a short film presentation on all aspects of the Loch Ness Monster--sonar sightings, visual sightings, incidental sightings, etc. Very informative, but it left me a little sad. I went in believing, but the evidence presented at this centre, leads one to believe that the monster never existed! But wait, what's this?

Oddly enough, there was another Loch Ness visitor's center about a mile down the road which supported the premise that the monster was/is real! We did not get to visit that one, however! Great fun! Here are a couple of "Nessie Watchers"!

Next we moved on to visit the ruins of Urquhart Castle which was built around the
1200s. You can see from the following photos how magnificient the Castle must have been in its day. We crossed a wooden bridge & then were able to climb up the spiral staircase that went up 5 stories. We say separate chambers, the ruins of the water gate and perhaps what was a courtyard. Built very close to the water, one can only wonder if any of the occupants every spied Nessie in the Loch.

Our next day was at sea, but I'll be back with another tour soon. So, what do you think....was/is the Loch Ness Monster real?

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