Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Sitting high atop Castle Rock which arose from an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle is exactly what one would expect a castle to look like. From inside the walls, it is easy to see how one might gain a sense of safety--the views alone are long-range and spectactular! Today, it is still the home of a Military Regiment with mostly a ceremonial function.

We climbed up, around, and through many of the buildings in this well-preserved fortress. We saw the Scottish Crown Jewels by actually walking right through the vault!

We descended into the depths and saw where prisoners of war were kept--it reminded me a bit of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney World.
We went into St. Margaret's Chapel (shown above) which if I remember correctly is the oldest standing building in Scotland.
All in all very impressive--and one of my favorite visits on this first part of our voyage!
Stay tuned as our next stop is at another very well-known spot! Hint: Something to do with a Loch (lake)!

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