Monday, August 18, 2008

First stop....Oslo, Norway!

Our first port of call was Oslo, the beautiful capital city of Norway. Although this is the third largest city in Scandinavia (after Copenhagen & Stockholm), it is a well laid out city and very easily toured by foot.
We visited the Nobel Peace center, shown above, which was a museum where you could learn about Alfred Nobel as well as, all the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prizes. Our daughter picked up a nice souvenir-a plaque with a quote by Mother Theresa:
"All the works of Love are works of Peace".

We walked to the Royal Palace which is the official residence of The Norwegian Royal Family, although they were not there at the time. You can always tell if a Monarch is home, because their flag will be flying on the mast on top of the palace. Anyway, we were lucky enough to be there to see the changing of the guard. Perhaps not as much pomp and circumstance as at Buckingham Palace, no horses, but interesting and entertaining just the same.

We also wandered around the Akershus Fortress which was built around 1290 to protect the city of Oslo. It was in great condition and had beautiful views of the city...alas, today was rainy and cloudy! It still functions as a military base and also houses the Norwegian Resistance Museum.
All too soon it was time to reboard the ship, but oh, how I enjoyed Oslo!

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