Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slowing down....

This is the time of year when I enjoy slowing down. I enjoy taking the month of July off from blogging and from maintaining my Etsy shop.I am still creating but don't plan to list the new things until August. It sort of takes the pressure off. Let's me kick back and enjoy gardening, listening to the birds sing, and just in general appreciating things that often get overlooked.

It's a time to create things for us that I have been meaning to get to. One project I have in mind is to make a gazing ball for our yard. I'm tossing around the ideas and may post some photos as I progress. Or, maybe not till it's done!

The above oil painting is one of my favorites to date, although the photograph does not do it justice. I have endless patience when I am creating but none when it comes to getting the best photo. I tend to just take a few & pick one. Not the best attitude, I know, but I try to be better when it comes to my shop. Anyway, the painting is titled simply, "Covered Bridge", and is oil on masonite.

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bunzi said...

the picture is serene. wish i could have a nice break too. :D