Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Call me.....Bat Woman!

Yup, that's my new name around here! Add a bat to the growing list of varmints that have made it into our house! Here's the story:

We keep our kitchen garbage under the sink, and I usually take it out & leave it in front of the cabinets while I am cooking. It makes it easier to use it, plus we empty it every night after dinner.

So after dinner, I'm washing the dishes, DH goes around the house & empties all the garbage pails & dumps it in the kitchen. He usually waits for me to finish with it and then takes it out. So he, as usual, goes into the living room to watch TV. I just turn off the water & get ready to empty the sink strainer & as I turn to the garbage pail, I see movement. Now, I'm farsighted and without glasses I think it is a little toad. Until I get a better look at the thing & I see it is a bat trying to climb out of the garbage. What followed was classic...I scream: "Dennis, There's a Bat!" He yells, "Where! "In the garbage!" Now, while this barage is going on, the bat is continuing to try to climb out! Thank goodness I had the wherewithall to run into the next room & grab an old table cloth to throw over the top of the pail! It was quickly followed by a large towel, and a sheet we use as a drop cloth. I could still hear the click, click, click of its little nails as it was trying to climb out.

One would think that is the end of the story. Nope.

So I get on the phone & call the Health Dept. It's 6pm, but they respond 24/7. Within 10 minutes we got a callback from a very calming Rick who asks a few details and then proceeds to tell us that we have to put it in some kind of container and bring it to them in the morning! Are they kidding or what?! Am I that naive?--I thought they'd come get it! By the end of the conversation, he agreed we could leave it in the pail & put the whole thing in a plastic trash bag & they would handle it when we got there. After tossing on another drop cloth sheet for good measure, we tied a string around the pail just below the lip. Then we lifted it into a plastic bag & put a twist tie on the whole thing. (Rick assured me they don't eat through plastic!) Just to be on the safe side, this little package spent overnight closed up in the garage bathroom! If it did get out, I didn't want to have to search the whole house!

This morning we dropped it off at the Health Dept. We're awaiting the results of the rabies test.

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