Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Yesterday, my husband & I went into the City. We weren't in Grand Central Station for five minutes before I realized how glad I am to live in the country. Now don't get me wrong--I was born in a fairly large city, and while I don't exactly live in "Green Acres", I do live in a much more rural area than where I was born. But I digress.

Before we began our almost 30 block walk uptown, we decided to visit the rest rooms. He went right in; of course, I had a line. About four people ahead of me, a lady is doing the foot-hopping thing saying how bad she has to go. She decides to hop out of line and heads for the front of the line around the corner. Obviously, the lady at the head of the line was not going to have this. First comes the sound of shouts, then slaps, and then they are in a knock-down, drag-em-out fist fight.

All the women inside the rest room come pouring out like lemmings yelling "Get Out! Call the Police!" This rest room sits smack in between two deli counters who are in full swing selling muffins and danish for breakfast. Now everyone starts shouting Police, since the two fighters are now in full view.

The Officer arrives and after asking what the problem is, heads into the rest room where he stands with hands on hips talking to the two. A moment later he comes out and says, "Everything's ok now".

Nothing like a little early morning adrenaline rush!

Anyway, when I arrived home, my cousin had sent me this YouTube video-not knowing what had transpired during the day. I thought it was cute and very fitting. Hope you enjoy it! (Scroll down to next post entry. I'm rather computer/YouTube challenged and could not get it into the same post!)

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