Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Artist's Way-Week 12

"There is a path for each of us...By trusting, we learn to trust."-Julia Cameron

So here it is--the summary of the final chapter of The Artist's Way program developed by Julia Cameron.

An interesting point to me in this chapter is about the mystery of creativity. The idea that creativity should be allowed to come to us slowly rather than trying to "pry" it out all at once. Of late, I have had a lot of success when I have come up with an idea, to mull it over for a few days rather than jumping right in. It seems my ideas get clearer and more defined that way. It's almost like: by not trying so hard, it gets easier. Case in point, the lobster claw floral arrangement from several posts back. I probably spent two to three weeks working step by step as each part worked itself out in my mind; the original concept came to me months ago. When I felt stuck as to how I was going to do something, I just waited and the solutions came. I'm proud and happy with the result. Do you ever do this? Come up with a project that doesn't begin to take shape for weeks or even months?

We must work at remembering how to play. Hobbies feed the imagination. There is something about doing a task that we do for pleasure, by rote , be it writing, gardening, sewing, etc. that helps us to not take ourselves so seriously.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief journey with me. Thanks for reading along. If you have gained any insight into your own creativity-great!

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