Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Artist's Way-Week 8

Question: Do you know how old I'll be by the time I learn to (fill in the blank)?
Answer: The same age you will be if you don't.--Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way

How many times have we put off learning a new thing because we felt we were too old when in reality we are subconsciously trying to save ourselves the embarrassment of being a beginner? Or on the other side...Have we said, "I'll try that when I retire"?
We somehow feel foolish in the in between time of life. Somehow it is more socially acceptable to take risks that might appear silly if you are a youngster or a dotty old duck!

In Week 8 of TAW we are exploring such topics as artistic survival-learning to acknowledge our losses (being turned down by a juried show or website, our best piece gets messed up, our neatest thing doesn't sell, etc.) rather than pretending they don't exist. When something doesn't go the intended way...use it to say, "What next!", meaning where can this take me. Use it as a building block, rather than letting it be a stumbling block!

My favorite concept in this chapter is "Filling the Form". The idea that just like when you fill out a form, you take your creativity one step at a time. I've noticed that I've explored things in the MPs that are "explained" in the following chapter. For awhile now, I have been setting small goals for myself--parts of a project rather than trying to complete the whole thing in one day. It works for me and gives me a real sense of accomplishment when in the next day's pages I can say I met those goals.


amicalechica said...

wow! this is beautiful. love the pic!
great going!

Jason said...

Gee. You are really getting into this book! I need some of that!

Steph said...

It seems like TAW is just what I need right now. I cannot figure out how to carve out the time to do it.
It is so interesting to read your responses to it!

Jason said...

Me again...Tag, your it