Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Artist's Way Week 11

No Amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.--Edward Hopper.

In this next to last chapter of The Artist Way program, we focus on the ways to nurture and accept ourselves as artists.

An interesting point here is "the idea that money validates my credibility"-a very hard concept to overcome. For someone like me who says they are creating as a hobby but still thrills with each sale, it is almost harder. I find myself on constant highs & lows as I sell something or wonder why something is not selling. The author suggests that my credibility lies with me, and I should create what needs to be created not what I think will sell.

Creativity is a fluid process with no end. We must always be ready to start again; be a beginner again.

I painted the above oil painting in my class a few weeks ago. I call it "Dawn of a New Day".


jewelstreet said...

I adore that piece. The colors are awesome. I know what you mean about being a beginner and creating pieces that need to be created. I find I get in a lot of ruts if I forget that and try to create pieces that I think will sell. It's much easier just to create for creating sake.

You know what? I have to thank you. That just gave me an idea for next week's challenge.

Dawn said...

ooohhh aahhhh! Very pretty! And I like the name ;)

Steph said...

I love the colors in that painting.

I think about this alot - how easy it would be to buy some brass chain and a boatload of little brass sparrows and just watch the sales pour in. That would take a lot of the fun out of Etsy, I think.