Friday, April 18, 2008

The Artist's Way-Week 10

It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.--Somerset Maugham

Allow me to toot my own horn for a minute...I am so very proud of myself for sticking with this program. I cannot believe there are only two more weeks left! I am already thinking ahead to getting Julia Cameron's sequel book, The Vein of Gold : A Journey to Your Creative Heart, although I might take a breather until the Fall.

This week again focuses on the myriad of ways that we unconsciously block our creativity. For some, it is the quick high of junk food followed by the inevitable crash into lethargy; for others, it is alchol, drugs, or overwork.

A more interesting part of this book to me focused on the periods of creative drought that occurs at various times--like when we just finished a project. Has anyone but me experienced the high of just completing a really neat project, only to be followed by the low of "what am I going to do next?" Julia Cameron asserts that these droughts are a necessity and that this seemingly bleak, empty time will bring us clarity. If you know that it has a purpose, you can get through it. I plan to be more aware of this when it occurs.

There are many more revelations and ideas in this chapter; I have chosen to highlight just a small part.

So, with only 2 weeks to go, what can I say about this program? At times it has been hard to stick with (but I am glad that I did), sometimes I could not connect with it, and sometimes it hit a little too close to home. But through it all, I feel I have at least regained my sense of excitement & creative play. Plus, I've "met" some really nice people!

Above is my latest brooch called, "Ode to Broccoli". Another piece made for the creative challenges with the inspiration being veggies. Oh, yeah, before I forget, I sold my "Here Comes The Sun" brooch which I created when I first started this program. You can read about it here.


Gina said...

A brooch! I thought it was a vase of flowers at first. LOL! I'm glad you've stuck with TAW this far. Even though I'm flagging at this point, I've gotten much more out of it than I thought - and if I do it again, I know I'll get even more out of it. I have Vein of Gold if we do that one too, hope to see you there too!
:-) Gina

Dawn said...

MAJOR KUDOS on the sale of your "Here Comes The Sun" brooch! That's awesome! Oh, and, brocoli is my fav veggie (though I always screw up the spelling of it, lol)