Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chapter 3 of The Artist's Way, though titled "Recovering a Sense of Power" was more about openning up my eyes to me. Here's a mini review.

Indentifying and listening to Anger-although any anger is not directed towards my art, I discovered how much it intrudes on my creative thoughts and alot of the time banishes them entirely. When I am angry, I don't feel like doing anything!

Synchronicity-I woke up to the sale of a big piece yesterday. It is enough of a sign to me that I create things worthy of making someone happy.

Shame-Since I honestly do not have any criticism in my life, I took away from this section that I should "let go" of past hurts. Drawing from last week, everytime I have a thought of something negative that happenned in the past, I try to steer my mind away from it.

Growth-"Easy does it" and "Practice being kind to yourself" and "Baby Yourself"-little steps at a time. Again, to me, it is all about living in the moment. Admittedly, it is hard being a Wife, Mother of a teenager and finding time for you, too. This is one that I constantly have to work on.

Accomplished: MP 7/7, most of the tasks, artist date.

I have no idea if I am approaching any of this the right way--I suspect there is no wrong way. At least it has me thinking again. Thanks again for all the comments and encouragement.

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