Friday, March 21, 2008

The Artist's Way-Week 6

"Most of us harbor a secret belief that work has to be work and not play, and that anything we want to do--like write, act, dance--must be considered frivolous and placed a distant second. This is not true."-JC

The week in TAW, the author, Julia Cameron, asks us to examine our beliefs about money and its role in blocking creativity. What does luxury mean to you?

I have to admit I had a hard time with this chapter. Money & material things have never been that important to me. I see the negative side of money. Over and over in many situations I have seen money be "the root of all evil". I have seen it break apart families emotionally. While to me it equals security and freedom both, it is hard to abandon one to pursue the other. I still have a hard time spending it on myself. I am fortunate to have a husband who actually gets joy out of seeing me buy myself things--Sorry, he's an only child!

Luxury, on the other hand is different! To me luxury is being able to stay home and pursue my crafts! To have most of the day free to do as I please. As I am learning, however, sometimes I need to put myself before the housework, etc.

I'm still completing the morning pages 7/7 and doing many if not all of the tasks. If nothing else, I am proud of myself for sticking with this 12-week course!


Steph said...

I am proud of you too! I guess The Artists Wya is officially on my "someday" list.

I agree with you about your definition of luxury - my most valued luxury is staying home with my kids.

Corina said...

Wow.. those beaded flowers are beautiful!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog.. ~Corina. :)