Monday, February 11, 2008

The Artist's Way

I am embarking (with some other souls) on a journey to work through my creative blocks and hopefully gain more confidence in myself and my art. From time to time I hope to post my progress here. I have never done anything like this before, and I am hoping that I am up to this.I plan to do my best to stick with it. Wish me luck on my journey!

The program is called The Artist's Way-A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. A Blog has been set up by Karen Beth, here, for anyone wishing to take part or follow along.

First, a bit about myself: I was always, dare I use the word, creative as a child, but I grew up in the age where being an Artist was not something one did as a living. I had a very supportive mother, but even she encouraged me to do something more stable. Here's the condensed version: After 15 years as a medical secretary,I got married, my boss retired, I had a baby and settled into a very nice life with baby & a very supportive husband. Looking back, all through this time I never stopped creating as the walls and shelves of our home will attest. Once the baby was old enough, I was at a crossroads of what to do now? I started doing craft shows and little by little built up a following there and when the shows started dying out, I found ebay as an outlet. Then came etsy and my own website. Now, said baby is 15, and I have more time to myself. So why am I not more motivated to do what I love? Why aren't the ideas just tumbling out? I hope to find this out on my journey and learn why I am my biggest stumbling block.

At first I couldn't see the purpose of "morning pages". When I started on Saturday, I thought I'd never fill 3 pages. Today, Monday, I almost ran out of room. They allow me to put some things to rest and to think out other things.

Okay, before I lose what little confidence I have in baring my soul, I'll end here.


Recy Vintage & Creations said...

I'm so glad you are joining us on this journey! It will take confidence and courage from all of us but I hope that it will be worth it. Keep with the morning pages and please keep posting so that we can follow your progress and keep encouraging you. That's what we are all here for!


Karen Beth :)

jewelstreet said...

That sounds interesting. I might have a look at it and join in. You have to know yourself and bare your soul everytime you make a piece.

Thanks for the links to the flowers. I'm checking them out and might get some.

Sheila said...

I'll be tagging along with you and the rest of The Artist's Way group. I'm sure we will all reach the end as more creative, happier people (and, then we can share our creative super powers with the rest of the world!). Good luck!

Rebecca said...

You are so inspiring to me!

In my past life, I was an editor surrounded by writers. I dated artists and musicians. I never allowed myself to consider life as an artist.

Now I'm starting a new life (as a newlywed), and I'm learning cake decorating.

Thanks for proving that you don't have to give up on creating things just because you've taken on a new role (or two).

Looking forward to getting to know you through TAW blog!