Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monte Carlo, Monaco

We continued on our journey, making our way to along the Italian Rivera to Nice, France, the last country on our tour. On the way, we passed through 168 bridges & tunnels; the coastline on one side, the Apennine Mountains on the other. As we get closer to the Mediterrean Sea, the mountains are getting closer. What looks like snow is actually white carrara

We pass the cities of Parma and Genoa-where Columbus was born. Past San Remo, where carnations are grown for export and are distilled to make Chanel perfume.

Old Casino

New Casino


Prince Albert's Castle
We spent an enjoyable hour or so in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Monaco is the second smallest country. Because they have no income tax, it has become the home of many millionaires. We popped into both Casino, old & new, just for a look. We saw the castle of Prince Albert II, son of Grace Kelly & Prince Albert and a few memorials to Dino Ferrari. We saw where the famous Grand Prix race starts & the Automobile Club where the winner is honored. There were beautiful gardens all around the casino area

This little car really put a smile on my face!

We had fun picking out the Rolls Royces, Ferraris & Peugeots--even the UPS "truck" was a fancy car! Of course, the harbor area was loaded with yachts and speed boats of every size! A fun place to pass the time! Just to mention, another idol of mine, Ringo Starr, lives in Monaco.

Next we move on to Nice, France, the last country on our itinerary.

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