Monday, September 24, 2007

A Fun Night On The Town!

I promised a good story about our dinner in Vienna--here it is!

We went to a family-owned restaurant called Marchfelderhof which dates back to 1843. Back then it was the hunting lodge of one of Austria's rulers, named Franz-Joseph. Today, it is a wonderful restaurant experience. I hardly know where to begin...I suppose at our arrival.

Some of the restaurant staff met us outside, literally stopped traffic to roll out a red carpet for us to walk across the street and cut a red ribbon to enter.
Inside there was not a spare piece of wall or floor (including the rest rooms) that was not covered with either photos of famous people who had been there (Richard Gere, Pavarotti, Liz Taylor, Clark Gable, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Redford to name a few), historic memorabilia or kitsch.

The restaurant was divided into separate rooms with automatic doors. Our room was covered with musical instruments hanging on the walls & ceiling, lamp shades, you name it, it was probably there!

Dinner started with a little test tube of schnapps--I took a sip, but it was way too powerful for me! I stuck to the draft beer which was way stronger than the lite beer I occasionally drink at home. After the salad plate which was a meal in itself, I had a typical Austrian speciality, Wiener Scnitzel. The food was excellent, but it was what went on in the room that made our night.

To start with, there was a keyboard player and when he took a break, 3 roaming guitarists serenaded us, while of course selling their CDs!. At one point they brought in something with a sheet draped over it. Well, it turned out to be 2 ballroom attired dancers that proceeded to dance for us. When they were done, they sought out some of the diners to dance with them. They got our daughter up, and they gave her a nice certificate afterwards.

Me? I was just happy to have a photo of our waiter, whose name was....Elvis!

There were a lot of firsts in our family that night. Our daughter tasted her first sip of beer and went (I hope for the first time) into the men's room. The rest rooms were decorated so uniquely we just had to peak at each others!

Back outside after dinner, I could not resist a photo of this store (?) across the street. Check out the name! Too bad it was closed...

So a bit corny...but so memorable and a bit endearing, too!

Next: On to Italy!


Ming_the_Merciless said...

Awesome dinner and adventure.

Sounded like your had a blast. More photos from the trip please.

stilettoheights said...

Dear Deb

please adopt me so I can go on vacation with you, I realize I am "too old" to be your daughter or adopted, but that is neither here nor there