Thursday, September 6, 2007

Creative Challenge #66

So this week's Creative Challenge was to create something inspired by a dance or dancer. A struggle for me because I have two left feet. It took me until Wednesday night to come up with an idea. The result is above and will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.

Now I know you are wondering how a lion fits this particular challenge. Well, here's how my thinking went....

I like to watch Ballroom dancing, especially competitions, and yes, I do watch Dancing With The Stars although I usually tape it so I can fast forward through all the idiot stuff!

So, I put on the soundtrack to "Shall We Dance" for inspiration. No, not the Yul Brenner movie version (that comes later)--the music from the Richard Gere, Jay-Lo movie with The Pussycat Dolls singing "Sway". Knocks me over every time!

Then the instrumental of the song "Shall We Dance" comes on which does remind me of another favorite movie, "The King and I"--the original with Yul Brenner and Deborah Kerr. I can still visualize Yul in that movie during that song stomping around.

So, by now you're probably thinking I made another leap to The Lion King, right? Wrong! I just started thinking...king, regal, royal, what can I do with that? And my mind took me to the king of the jungle and hence the above brooch.

The lion head is made of polymer clay with glass faceted lentil eyes and a glass heart nose/mouth. I punched holes all the way around and after baking went wild with the main! Hope you like it!

And thanks for reading all the way through my rambles!


stilettoheights said...

this is a wonderful story, I like how your brain works!

gilfling said...

Oh I have to admit I immediately thought of the lion king when I saw this!! The stage show with the amazing costumes and puppets by Julie Taymor!! but I love the association you have made - he is such an incredible work of art.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

1. Just wanted to stop by and say HI since I haven't been visiting in awhile.

2. Love the lion head mask. Actually, it reminds me of the Lion King broadway show.

Steph said...

I immediately thought of the Julie Taymor puppets too! This is really fantastci!