Thursday, July 2, 2015

Second Look on the 2nd: Burano

 Hi Everyone! It's July 2nd which means it is time to join up with Altered Book Lover's Second Look on the 2nd. It's a fun time where we re-post one of our favorites and then go around and visit everyone.  I'm a little late today because of internet problems, but here is one of  my favorite posts from September of 2007.

Burano is a pretty island a short boat ride from Venice. It has a population of about 4000. It is primarily know as the place where lace was invented. The story told to us by our guide is that the wives of the fishermen were inspired by watching their husbands mend their nets to use the technique to crochet elaborate lace. Needless to say, delicate lace in every form was available in every gift shop! Although we did not buy lace, we did buy 2 masks for our daughter. Carnival in Venice takes place just before Ash Wednesday & is a huge celebration. Masks play an important role in this festival, and, of course, they too are available in many forms & styles.

What fascinated me most about Burano was the colorful way the houses were painted. The photo above is just one canal. Again, the story related by our guide is that they were painted so vividly so that the fishermen returning home in their boats could easily spot their homes! When I first saw this view, it reminded me of the brilliant colors seen in the American Southwest--another favorite area of mine, and I fell in love with it!

All in all, another wonderful time! Plus, one shop we visited was playing Elvis music and had (the word)"Elvis" on their awning--so I could not help but like it!

Once again, thank you for all who continue to read my ramblings of our vacation!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you brought us this post of Burano, a city in Italy I've never heard of before (being geographically challenged has its disadvantages). In the photo of the houses, are those curtains over the doors, or do they replace the doors?

I agree these are colorful houses that quickly remind me of my VIRTUAL trip to Argentina and houses in the La Boca District.

You don't have to thank me for joining you on your trip. I should be thanking you for sharing this lovely city. I'm so happy you are playing along and sharing a new second look each month on the 2nd.

Carol said...

Great posting about someplace I'd love to go but probably won't ever make it :) Great photos ♥♥

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

It looks so lovely Debbie. I hope you take in everything and enjoy. I could really live amongst those colorful houses :-)

~*~Patty S said...

What a beautiful and colorful place Debbie!
Love it.
When I first read "Burano" it made me think of an Italian island "Murano" (I believe it is) where they are famous for their blown glass.
I bet the lace was beautiful and probably pricey too.
Nice to have a look at a couple of your vacation photos.

Robyn Oliver said...

Lovely colourful photos of a special place in your past travels, must tell my friend about Burano, she is off to Italy next month.

see you there! said...

I agree, the houses are fun to see decked out in all their beautiful colors. It must have been great to visit the island.


johanna said...

the wonderful Colors of the houses are delighting!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Thank you for sharing this !Lovely town must this be! Happy weekend!