Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tip #1

I thought I would share some tips and tricks. Some are craft related, some more general.

My first tip is an great way to store small amounts of seed beads. I found an old spice rack, cleaned it up and hung it on my craft room wall. Since the jars are clear, you can instantly see what you need and how much you have. This would also work well for any small left-overs you have. I hate to throw away any small piece of anything--you never know when you will have a need for it.

My jars look a little empty right now--I used them for a huge amount of vintage seed beads that I inherited from a friend's mom. She passed away at 102, probably 12 years ago now. She was a professional beader and hand beaded gowns--she even beaded a pair of slippers for Madame Chaing Kai Schek. Most of those beads went into making beautiful beaded flower arrangements--all of which I sold! The pictures below are two examples.

Have a great day!


Cozy said...

I got a spice rack just like that as a wedding gift over thirty years ago. It went to a thrift store as a donation long, long ago. You have made me wish now I still had it and I don't even do beadwork. Thanks for sharing your tips.

stilettoheights said...

what a wonderful idea...of that first arrangement looks like real

gilfling said...

Oh I love the idea of putting tips on your blog!! I fear I am too disorganised to have any tips worth sharing though! But this is a wonderful one. I am always looking for inspiration for those tiny things that are difficult to find the right storage solution to.

Your flower arrangements really are stunning - so incredibly intricate - you must have endless amounts of patience.

Thanks so much too for your birthday and holiday good wishes! I shall miss all the blogs but will have plenty to catch up on when I get back!