Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bees, Butterfly Nets & Heros

Why is it that bees and especially flies come into my house? I mean, I can understand ants, but what does my house have to offer a bee? And why do they never want to leave? I've left windows open, doors open, even tried to show them the way out. You wanna see funny?!

The other day my 14 year old was screaming from the Dining Room, "There's a BIGGGGGG BEEEEEE!" This is the child that gets upset over a teeny tiny spider, so I casually walked downstairs expecting to see a yellow jacket, or maybe a bumble bee. Halfway into the Living Room I hear the loudest buzzing I have every heard in my life! It sounded like a swarm...but what it was, was the biggest bee I have ever seen in my life. The insect had to measure over 1" long--didn't exactly ask it to stand still while I got out a ruler! It was black & angry! I'm sure it was not a wasp--never heard one of them buzz. But this thing wanted to get out in the worst way-through a closed window. There was no way I was going to prance through the kitchen to the back door & hope it would follow me out!

I had to think I went into the garage and got my child's old butterfly net. I tiptoed over to the window & the darn thing is gone. Don't see it, can't hear it. So I start shaking the curtains--I found it...and now it is really, really mad. I finally trap it against the window with the net over it--do you think it knew I was trying to help it? Do you think it went docilely into the net? Yeah, right! So finally we propped open the back door & I shouted, "Out of the Waaaaay!" and I went for it. Scooped it up, ran through the kitchen before it knew what was going on and shook the net out the door! Success!

Boy that got the adrenaline flowing! But after all this, my daughter came up to me and gave me a big hug and said, "You're my Hero, Mom!" Enough said.

Have a Happy Day!


jewelstreet said...

That is the most hilarious story ever and the sweetest.

I know how you feel. We have the same problem, but not with bees, with wasps.

You know, though, with all the talk about the bee population you probably just saved a queen. Hooray for you!

stilettoheights said...

so sweet, you would be my hero too

gilfling said...

Oh that is too funny!!! Most of the time I think I am quite brave about insects - ummm until I actually have to deal with
one that is. Moths are my dreaded fear - especially ones the size of small birds - I once caught one under a glass (after much dancing around, running out of the room and creeping back in deciding I HAD to deal with it) but then I just couldn't figure out what to do after that!!!

I am such a coward really.

Steph said...

Crafty - vanquisher of buzzy beasts!