Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Still Dreary Here

Since the weather is still dreary here, I decided the best thing would be to go out shopping. So I took off to my local craft store & had a very satisfying time. Two hours and three bags later, I returned home to daydream about what I am going to make with all these treasures!

I could seriously get lost in a good craft store--or even a bad one for that matter! I think for me, it is a tactile thing. I love to hold the beads, wire, art supplies-anything! I love the smell of the unfinished wood (got some of that, too!). I guess I kinda like the buying, too!

Anyway, on to Etsy creative challenge #47 news...this weeks' challenge was to show the evolution of your craft. I illustrated that by referring to Bella, one of my first beaded art dolls. My art dolls have evolved with better and more imaginative beading, many with themes. School Days-Easy as ABC is my newest beaded doll. I am very proud of her!

Ok, I know you are all waiting for my 10 things--I'll post tomorrow if I get a chance, but definitely Friday!


stilettoheights said...

wonderful work!!!!

jewelstreet said...

You can definitely see how adept and more comfortable you have become with your dolls.

I love School Days! Awesome job!

gilfling said...

Easy as ABC is beautiful!! Looking forward to your 10 things.