Monday, April 9, 2007

Better Late, than never!

Last week's creative challenge on etsy was to be...a little fun and a little revealing. It was to create something inspired by a little known fact about you. So I thought and thought and when I finally had my idea, I didn't have time to make it!
Then, after I did make it...well, I was so touched by all the heart wrenching stories people posted, that I think I subconsciously waited to list this week.

Although I have those stories in my life, know, the kind that tug at the heartstrings...I'm just not ready to be that revealing. So...I approached the challenge revealing my adventurous side. I have actually been hot air ballooning-one of the many thrills of my life! Plus I always wanted to do something "striking" in polymer clay, infact, I want to try EVERY craft I can! So the above is actually my entry to last week's challenge. It will be in my shop later today.


Steph said...

So cool!!

jewelstreet said...

No one said it had to be too revealing. I think you went a great way with your challenge! I love it.


stilettoheights said...


gilfling said...

Om my goodness I cannot believe that is made out of clay!! I love it. I also would love to go hot air ballooning, every time I see what I always think it must be an incredible experience.

I haven't done my challenge from last week yet! I have been waiting for inspiration - I hope it comes soon.