Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome to Craftymoose Crafts!

Hi and welcome to my little slice of the woods! It is probably going to take me some time to get the hang of this blogger thing, so bear with me!

I'm the Moose and I am the brains of this operation. I have been crafting for longer than I will admit (they don't call me Crafty for nothing!)and am completely self-taught. At one time or another, I have created in these mediums-needlecraft, knitting,crochet, painting, bear-making, polymer clay, jewelry-making, and french flower beading. I am currently in a beading frenzy--flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and my newest creations-beaded art dolls.

Stop by my Etsy shop http://craftymoose.etsy.com to see a sample of my work!


stilettoheights said...

welcome to the blogging world debbie!!! I have added you to my daily list of places to stalk.

this looks great so far, so much better than mine did when I first started!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for being my first comment, Jenn!

gilfling said...

Oh your blog looks wonderful debbie! Puts my first attempts at blogging to shame! I still don't have the proper hang of it. Looking forward to visiting you to see what you have been up to.


jewelstreet said...

It really is looking good. I love your Etsy Mini. You are such a fast learner.