Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

Or at least it feels that way! It's is a nudge away from 50 degrees here and I am feeling energetic.

I all but had to ban myself from the computer the last few days, because I was getting nothing constructive done. It seems I like this blogging (more than I thought I would!) and lurking in the Etsy forums which I do sometimes until I am mesmerized. Yeah, I cleaned the house and went to a routine doctor's appt, but I don't consider those constructive. So, I "cut myself off" for a few days and only allowed myself to comment in the creative challenge forum run by Jewelstreet.

I worked a lot on the floral headpieces that I mentioned in my last post. All 23 roses are completed and assembled with their sepals. I will finish the 23 sprigs of baby's breath today. Next will come the leaves and assembly. I'll keep you all up to date!

I finished my challenge piece. A little bit of a departure for me-a little chunkier and a lot more colorful than some of my last beaded art dolls. It will be in my Etsy shop in a little bit. The challenges have been very inspirational to me and I will be forever grateful to Jewelstreet for starting them! Many of my challenge pieces have sold--in fact, yesterday, my "Bad hair day" beaded art doll from challenge #41 sold!

Until next time...Happy Spring!

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stilettoheights said...

wonderful piece~~~

isn't blogging far more addictive than you thought it would be?