Monday, March 19, 2007

I figured it out!

Yes! I figured out why I feel less inspired lately...That which I attributed to "creative block" is actually a result of a sort of "over" creating. I felt like I didn't have an original thought in my head, or if I did, it just wouldn't come out.
Well, I have figured out what we have been telling our daughter for years--the human mind cannot think of two different things at once!

Since the beginning of March, I have been working on my first big commission--to design & create three headpieces for the flower girls in my client's wedding. She saw a french beaded ring of roses that I made & asked if I could adapt it to be headpieces. After much discussion back & forth, I presented my proposal, and she accepted! Well, the beads were ordered, and, of course, I couldn't wait to dig right in! At this point, all the roses are assembled. I have leaf sprays & baby's breath left to make & then put it all together! I attached a photo of my progress so far.

The point I am making is that while this huge project is going on, it has been hard to point myself in any other direction creatively. Does that make me less of an artist? Probably not...I think it just makes me a little more obsessed! I can't think of anything else until these are done!

The other photo is a beaded art doll, called "I love cats!". I have just listed it in my Etsy shop. It is a companion piece to a similar one I did--I love dogs!

This week Jewelstreet's challenge is in honor of Spring--to make something inspired by your favorite flower. I plan not to miss this one!


Sandra Williams said...

The flowers are gorgeous! The client will be very pleased with the outcome.

stilettoheights said...

I think you are right with the creative block....that might be my problem too, my mind is actually someplace else, worrying, worrying....

I am excited to see the head pieces when they are done.

jewelstreet said...

I agree with you when it comes to that kind of creative block.

I can't imagine how much time and energy you are putting into these headpieces. I applaud you because I would not have any patience for them. Make sure you show the final product because I can just imagine how breathtaking they are going to be. Have you ever thought of marketing your flowers to beauty pageants or beauty pageant type people?

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for the comments! I received another inquiry from someone openning a florist. They hope to attract an upscale clientelle that might want to add beaded flowers to their real bouquets. Nothing further on that so far.