Tuesday, September 16, 2014

T Stands for Tea AB

Hi Everyone! I finished another page in my Tea themed AB.  It seems to be getting easier as I have found a supply of quotes I like, and I read them over and over until an idea comes to me.
Most of my focus in on keeping up with other challenges I take part in--which I know some of you do, too, and I am trying to build up my inventory for a craft show in early December.
I have several "other" projects going....some beaded flowers, of course, and a crochet jacket that I am doing top down which I have never done before.  Fortunately, there is a crochet along so I should be able to get help if I need it.

Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth for Tea Stands for Tuesday!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CB #18 Childhood and/or Easier

I finished my ATC for the 18th Quotes and Lyrics Challenge at The Craft Barn using the word "easier".  Again finding the quote proved to be easier than making the art card.  What was in my mind did not come out like I expected on paper, but this happens sometimes. 
The quote is from Robert Anton Wilson, an American Author, Psychologist, and self-described agnostic mystic. 

Looking forward to visiting everyone to see what they came up with for this one! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment if you care to--they are much appreciated!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

APC Week 2

Hi Everyone! I'm playing along with Claudine's Art Corner's Altered Playing Card Challenge. This is week 2 where we are showing our first set of two cards we created.  I am going to say before I show mine that although I have a large stash of many different images, stickers, stamps, rub-ons, inks, pens, etc., I don't own many of the specific brands Claudine used in her examples.  I also am using her examples as a guide to making the cards my own.
Here are my first two cards!  I am very pleased with how they came out.  For these two I used regular craft paint--I did learn that the thicker based paint hold up better on the card.  When I was adding the rub-ons to the first card, some of the paint scrapped off, and I had to go back and repair it. I prepped them with gesso, but may try sanding the next cards to see if the paint sticks better.
 After the craft paint was dry, I added a birdhouse border that came from a rub-on sheet from Stencil-Ro.  The letters were also rub-ons from EK Success, and the bumble bee I cut from an Artsy Collage Nature sheet from HOTP.
This cute fairy came from the same HOTP Collage booklet as the bumblebee. I used a Ranger embossing pen and some gold WOW embossing powder to do the words and the rays of the star.

I am not sure if it proves anything for me to list all the products/brands I used, since (a) I have no intention of selling these, (b) I'm not part of any design team and have not received any of the supplies for free, and (c)I'm sure everyone out there is more experienced than me since I am not a scrapbooker and  am only a newbie mixed media fan.  Should there be anything you are particularly interested in knowing about....please feel free to ask!

Thanks for the inspiration, Claudine!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

T Tuesday Tea Journal

Hi everyone! I think I have finally found a theme for my altered book...after two previous spreads one would think it would have been obvious to me, but no, it took time for me to figure out the direction.  Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover, who of course, is also the host for T Stands For Tuesday suggested that I might be having trouble working in the book because I had not settled on a theme. She assured me as soon as I figured that out, it would get much easier.  She was right! Not that I had any doubt.  I had already taken her free Altered Book Lessons which she so generously keeps up on the sidebar of her blog and was able to complete my first book.  That's what I love about blogging....meeting wonderful, talented, generous people!

Without further ado, here is the next page in my Tea Journal:
I started out with black gesso that I swirled to resemble brains.  No metaphor here, as my thoughts are mostly always happy and light-hearted! I didn't have pink gesso, although I suppose I could have tinted the white.  Moving on...Hopefully, you can see the flow of the quote "Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept".  I used some Tim Holtz letters for the word, "Tea", cut the key from a tea packet, the tea spout from a magazine and the head from a piece of random scrapbook paper in my stash.  The rest is acrylic paint, and I tried to illustrate some of the things always floating around in my thoughts. The white is an Inkssentials pen which I was still not 100% satisfied with, although it was much better than some I have tried.  It still left an empty stripe down the center of the line; perhaps I pushed too hard. So as for the theme?  Tea related quote, poem, lyric, book line, picture if I get really stuck, LOL! etc. with at least one element made out of a bag, tea packet, tag, etc. 

Running to do some errands....Post Office, Bank, Library and then hope to get on with some of the challenges I've recently joined.  I feel like I am back in the swing of things--tea will do that to me!

Happy T Day and thanks for visiting!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Craft Barn #17 Peaceful and/or Grace

Hi Everyone! I am so happy that I finished my art card in time for the 17th Craft Barn Quotes and Lyric Challenge before the next prompts come out on Sunday. I chose a quote from John Donne, an English Poet (1572-1631) and cleric who is described as a metaphysical poet.  Imagery, religion, and the search of answers are frequent themes in metaphysical poetry.
Have a happy creative weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Up for a new challenge?

Hi everyone!  First I want to say thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday on my T Tuesday post without photos.  Yahoo is still not letting me download my photos, but I will keep trying and update the post anyway as soon as I can!

I thought I would share a new challenge that I came across that is just starting:
The challenge is being hosted by Claudine whose blog is Claudine's Art Corner.  Some of you who are more familiar with the paper crafting blog world may already know her, but her blog is new to me.  After browsing around her blog for awhile her friendliness and talent just oozed out.  I bought a brand new deck of playing cards probably 2 or 3 years ago that I have wanted to alter....and, well, you probably know by now that on some things, I just need a jump start, LOL! Anyway, she will complete 2 cards a week (which I will try plan to keep up with) and has just posted "prepping the cards" so there is plenty of time to join in if you desire.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

T Stands For Tuesday

Hi Everyone! I am determined not to miss another week of joining up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth and friends who post every Tuesday to discuss whatever they would like.

Today, you will have to use your imagination because although I took photos yesterday with my phone (including the water I drank with lunch), the mail server I use is having technical difficulty and I am unable to download the photos.  I will keep trying and come back and add them when I am successful.

Yesterday's trip to NYC to move our daughter back to Grad School went....beautifully! There was very little traffic on the way down, we got off the correct (closest) exit and decided to stop in front of the building this time to unload before finding a parking spot.  I was giddy with excitement when I found a large enough spot to slide the minivan into just half a block from the dorm!  I was lightheaded when I managed to parallel park on the first try and even happier when after reading every sign on the block three times, DH and I agreed that the car would be safe (i.e. no ticket) where we left it.  The boyfriend had already arrived so while DD went up to complete check-in, the three of us took two rolling bins and were loaded up by the time she returned to the car to help wheel them up the block.  After unpacking a few things we set out food shopping and left the rest for later. 

We walked to Little Italy and our favorite little Italian restaurant which did not disappoint.  I had a delicious plate of Rigatoni (macaroni) with sun dried tomatoes and broccoli in an olive oil and garlic sauce and several glasses of ice water.  It was really hot out yesterday!

On the way back to the dorm we visited the reflecting pool memorials area at the World
Trade Center site which was finally open to the public for free.  They previously required tickets with a "suggested" donation which I personally took offense to.  I can almost understand charging to enter the museum, I stress almost, but visiting this outside site and having to pay just did not sit right with  me.  We located the name on the South Tower memorial of a childhood friend of my DH and then set out for the dorm again.

Since DD had the boyfriend to help her unpack and set up, Dennis & I decided to leave.  We took a short walk down to Pier 17 aka South Street Seaport just to admire the view on this really clear day.  Again, I took photos that I hope to put up later.

Thanks for reading through to the end. I realize this isn't the most interesting T Tuesday post, but you have no idea how delighted we were that the day went so uneventfully!